Oct. 9, 2018

When to initiate your bug out plan...

This could be your first difficult decision. How do I know when to initiate my bug-out plan?

It’s a huge decision to make, think about it. You may be pulling your kids out of school, leaving your job, leaving your home.  These could be life changing choices, so you’re going to want to be certain that the need to bug-out is real.

How do I know if it’s real?  Well that’s the million dollar question isn’t it.  I have some criteria that I use to hopefully help me make that critical decision.

Use the following criteria to determine when this plan is initiated.  Any member of your party, has the ability to initiate. If possible, try to make contact or notify the rest of the team that you have initiated. Use these criteria as guidelines for the initiation process;

  • The point where a public address is made that an event has or is going to occur.
  • Group members decide, based on verifiable intelligence, that an event is imminent.
  • A point where all power and communications systems fail and communication between group members is not possible. This is a “grid down” event.
  • Any point where Martial Law is declared.


It is my opinion, that if there is a significant event, as mentioned above, you need to get away from populated areas as soon as possible. Having a plan and taking the action to implement that plan will give you an advantage over 90% of the population.