May. 15, 2017


Ok, so you made the critical and probably difficult decision to bug-out. Your across town, your wife is at work and your kids are at school.  There is no radio, no cell, no lights, no tv and your car won’t start. How in the world are you going to get your family back together!?

This is probably one of the biggest, most difficult and critical steps that most people don’t think of. Just imagine for a minute how you and your family would be feeling right about now.  Its horrifying.  You have to have a plan. And everyone in your family must know and memorize that plan. If you cant find your child or your wife, you will spend the rest of your life looking for them.  And sadly to say, it may never happen and the safety and livelihood of everyone in your group is at risk because of it.

In most cases it isn’t enough to just say, ok everyone meet at home.  There may be a multitude of obstacles between where they are and home.  My suggestion is that you have designated routes that your family members must take to get home.  This way, when you get home and one or more of your family members have not made it home yet, you know and they know where you will be looking for them.

Something I have chosen to do is have hi-power two way radios for each family member and all the members of my group. My children keep that radio in their school bags and know exactly how and when to operate them.  The radios are in EMF proof bags, with the batteries removed. This combination should protect the radio in the event there is an EMP.

In ideal conditions, these radios have a 50 mile range, however, most of you probably already know its never ideal conditions. So, its understood with my family and group that there is a short range, in our area we will get about 5 miles of range. I will take 5 miles over the distance my voice will travel any day!

Remember, time is critical.  The sooner you get out of urban areas, the better. You don’t want to have to spend valuable time searching for love ones.

One other thing about the kids….. if they are at school and all the power and radios and cell phones go out, my kids know that the school is going to take action.  Those actions will include a lock down and it may include eventually relocating the children to a “secured” facility such as a FEMA facility.

This is not a good scenario. My children know that they have to get out and away from the school and get home, no matter what

 The Sweeper

Another thing to consider is having a sweeper. A sweeper is someone in your family or group that is close by, in the area of home and school and possibly work.  This is a great role for crazy Uncle Charlie. He is single, lives nearby, has no kids and is always loaded and packed ready to roll.  He knows the drill. Where the family members are, what route they will be taking, etc.

While your trying to get home, crazy Uncle Charlie can be wrangling up your family members and getting them to home.