Apr. 25, 2017

Dont let it ruin your life.....

Small print: These are my views and opinions based on the training, research and experiences I have had.  I would never call myself an expert.  I believe you should continuesly educate yourself and never go solely on one persons opinion. Knowledge is strength.

The more you seek, the more you find, the more you find, the more there is to fear.  There is plenty to fear out there guys and gals but you can not live in fear.  You must live in light and love as often as you can.

Planning and preparing for a disaster can become overwhelming. I think the key is to do what you can, comfortably, when you can.  Dont let prepparing and planning take over your life.  You have to live life and try to enjoy and account for every moment.

If all you can do one paycheck is buy a first-aid kit or a flash light, do that. If you can do more, great, do that.  Just dont bankrupt yourself or stress out about it.

Do what you can, when you can.