Apr. 24, 2017

Your Paranoid!

Small print: These are my views and opinions based on the training, research and experiences I have had.  I would never call myself an expert.  I believe you should continuesly educate yourself and never go solely on one persons opinion. Knowledge is strength.

Im sure someone has told you "your paranoid" or "your a conspiracy theorist" or any number of other colorful titles. 

You know a lot of folks just dont get it. Much of our population tends to live in the white zone. Its not that they arent intelligent, educated or good people, they just havent woken up yet.

The fact that you have found this website means you are awake and understand the world that we are living in. Or at least your beginning to.

There are an infinite number of situations, events or issues that could occur.  Some of these can and will be minor, like weather or fire or flooding.  Others could be even more devastating and have long-term, wide spread impacts.

Regardless, you need a plan for the safety and well being of you and all those you love. So dont feel paranoid!👍